Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Liability of Contractor Insurance

The liability insurance helps to protect the assets by offering the first line of security against the types of claims. By covering the cost of protecting or settling these asserts, the liability insurance policy keeps your business safe. The contractor insurance liability covers the five fundamental categories.   

Bodily injured:
It normally includes the physical harm to the people when working at the business place or the injury caused by the workers at the client side.

Product liability or completed operations:
It contains the loss after the business completed work for a specific customer like installing plumbing, repairing appliances, etc. It also includes the distributing and manufacturing products.

Personal injury:
The personal injury generally includes the damage to the rights or reputations of the people or the business due to libel, invasion, slander, copyright infringement, privacy, wrong eviction, false arrest, etc.

Advertising injury:
It is the losses caused by the advertising like spoken or written.

Liability insurance:
It is the damage from the acts of contractor hired by the business.

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